everyone can play



AYLA is committed to making lacrosse available to EVERYONE!  One of the biggest challenges in growing the sport of lacrosse is the cost for new players.  Between Registration, US Lacrosse Membership, and Rental Costs it can cost a new player $200 or more to join a lacrosse team.  

The only fee we cannot waive is the US Lacrosse membership as this is your insurance.  

If you do request financial assistance, all we ask for in return is help in growing the sport.  This can be as simple as bringing a few friends to an off season clinic, or even getting a few friends together and putting on a demonstration at school. 

Complete this form to request assistance in covering the registration fees and/or to request an equipment loan. Financial aid and equipment loans are available based on need. All required fields must be completed. This request is kept confidential within the AYLA Board of Directors.

Financial Assistance Form

Player Information:

Parent/Guardian Information:

Request Background Information:

List the circumstances that will assist the AYLA Board in approving the request.

Below are examples to use as a guide. However, there are many reasons that families request assistance. Let the AYLA Board know why you are requesting aid even if the circumstance does not appear as an example.


Single parent, single income home, change in economic situation due to unemployment, financial impact of illness or disability, large family with limited means.